Esper Dev provides tools that enable Android developers to deliver highly secure solutions for Dedicated Devices with greater flexibility and control. This leads to a better development experience, designed for the entire development lifecycle, while helping IT do more with less. A rich API set and a variety of open-source SDKs and tools allow you to incorporate device management for your apps and Dedicated Device apps and dedicated devices.
Coupled with the intuitive Esper Dev Console and Esper Manage Dashboard, Esper allows you to gradually scale your fleet at your own pace. You have options here; start with emulated devices, your currently available Dedicated Device or off-the-shelf Android hardware, or else Esper Development Devices that run Esper Enhanced Android. Across the endless variety of Dedicated Devices, Esper gives you supreme control of your app on your own device.


Esper Tools

Esper Dev gives you access to the suite of development tools you need to build, deliver, and maintain Dedicated Device solutions all in one place. Below is an overview of the Esper Tools:

  • Esper Dev Portal: Provides all Esper documentation in a portal that’s easy to access and use.
  • Esper Dev Console: A developer specific console organizing all of the Esper tools.
  • Esper Cloud: A private Cloud dedicated to each development team.
  • Esper Virtual Image: An emulation environment for development and verification testing use with Esper Enhanced Android. You can also use emulation in Android Studio with a stock Android image running our Esper Agent.
  • Esper Enhanced Android: A fortified version built with Android OS for Dedicated Devices. Adds key features for Dedicated Device needs not met by stock Android.
  • Esper Development Devices: Esper sourced Dedicated Devices for you test drive Esper Enhanced Android.
  • Esper APIs: Rich API set for Dedicated Device application development, deployment, and management.
  • Esper SDKs: Available for Python – and soon for Kotlin, Java, and JavaScript.
  • Esper CLI: A unified command line interface to the Esper APIs, provided with source code so you can extend it yourself.
  • Esper Remote Debug: Everything you need to do secure remote debugging of deployed Dedicated Devices running Esper Enhanced Android.
  • Esper Dedicated Device Cookbooks: Available quick starts for Kiosk, POS, Restaurant, and Logistics Dedicated Device solutions.
  • Esper Manage Dashboard: Through the Esper Dev Console use the Esper Manage Dashboard to access Device Orchestration capabilities that evolves MDM into Dedicated Device specific features.
  • Esper Support: Chat, Github, email and phone.

Esper Device Orchestration Features

Through the Esper Manage Dashboard you can access all the features and capabilities you need to effectively orchestrate and manage Dedicated Device fleets:

  • Seamless Enrollment and Bulk Enrollment (QR Code, NFC-based, IMEI)
  • Remote View and Remote Control
  • Application Lockdown and Management
  • Device Monitoring
  • Device Groups
  • Device Graphs
  • Device Security State Assessment
  • Device and Group Commands and Actions
  • Rich Alert Engine
  • Private App Storage
  • Unlimited Private App Store
  • Unlimited App Versions
  • Android Enterprise (AKA Android for Work)
  • App Install Scheduler
  • App Management
  • Firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) Android OS Updates

Next steps

To understand system requirements, see Requirements
To get started, see Getting Started Guide
Esper APIs documentation
Esper SDK on Github
Checkout Esper CLI, a command line tool for accessing APIs.
To learn more about Esper, visit esper.io