# API Reference

Esper APIs are a set of REST-based APIs that help you programmatically control and monitor Android-based Dedicated Devices running the Esper agent using Esper Manage. With these APIs, you can orchestrate and manage devices that have been provisioned against your Esper Manage environment. Furthermore, these APIs allows you to manage the Android applications installed on your Dedicated Device fleet. To read more about the various capabilities of Esper APIs and Esper managed devices, please visit esper.io (opens new window).

To use these APIs you will need to create a developer account with Esper and get access to the Esper Console and the Esper Manage Dashboard. You can find out more about Esper and sign up for a free account at esper.io/signup (opens new window)

Esper APIs adhere to Open API specification (opens new window) and you can check our latest API spec on GitHub (opens new window).

# Authentication

The client needs to send authentication details to access the Esper APIs by generating and applying an API key. Be sure to sign up for your free trial account with Esper Dev to generate your key. See Generating an API key (opens new window)

Once you have the access token, you need to send an authorization header as below

    curl -X GET \
    https://foo-api.esper.cloud/api/enterprise/:enterprise_id/device/ \
    -H 'Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN' \
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \


Please note the use of keyword Bearer before the token value.

# Errors

The APIs use standard HTTP status codes to indicate success or failure. All error responses will have a JSON body in the following format

    "errors": [],
    "message": "error message",
    "status": 400
  • errors List of error details
  • message Error description
  • status HTTP status code

# APIs

Below are quick links to frequently used APIs. To see a full list of APIs and latest updates, please visit API documentation (opens new window)

# Token

# Enterprise

# Application

# Devices

# Device Groups

# Device Commands

# Group Commands

If you face any issues in API usage, we recommend you reach out to Esper Dev Support