# Provisioning Your Device

Provisioning is the initial step to configuring and managing your Android device using the Esper Management Console and associated developer tools.

Esper provides multiple methods of provisioning a device, which involves downloading the Esper Agent onto the device and configuring it according to the provisioning settings used for a Device Template. The supported provisioning methods are:

  1. Provisioner Tool - Provisioner Tool is a user friendly provisioning tool by Esper. This can be used conveniently to provision -

    • All Android Devices - GMS or Non-GMS
    • Devices with or without camera
    • Devices running old as well as new Android versions (inclusive of Android 4.4, 5.1 and so on)
  2. AfW provisioning - AfW (Android for Work) method is best used for:

    • Devices that have GMS (Google Mobile Services) enabled
    • Devices with a camera for QR code scanning
  3. QR Code Provisioning

    • QR Method like AfW is used for devices that have both GMS (Google Mobile Services) and Camera enabled
  4. IMEI (or Serial Number) based provisioning

    • Used for Esper Enhanced Android Devices
    • IMEI/Serial Number method is use for Bulk provisioning of devices
    • Enables zero touch provisioning

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