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Welcome to the Esper Console where we help Android developers build, test, deploy, diagnose, and manage their applications seamlessly and securely to Android-based Dedicated Devices spanning kiosks, point of sale, data collection, and more. Starting with the Console under Developer Options, you will be able to generate API Keys and obtain your Enterprise ID; this will, in turn, enable you to use the Esper APIs either by calling them with REST/HTTP, with our Esper SDK for Python, or by using our Esper CLI. Additionally, our Esper Tools for Android Studio is available for developers to use and provides a set of resources to facilitate diagnostics and debugging of applications - whether running in the test lab or deployed in the field.

Introducing Esper

Esper is at heart a technology company that provides Android dedicated device fleet management solutions for enterprises led by APIs, SDKs, and tools for developers. Based in Silicon Valley with supporting teams in Seattle, Esper is currently the only company providing a full stack, API-driven implementation delivering a secure platform for purpose-built Android-based dedicated devices.

Esper and Android Developers

Esper gives developers the APIs and tools needed to build, deliver, and maintain Dedicated Device applications - all in one place. Esper offers a full suite of APIs and tools enabling Android developers to more efficiently develop, deploy, and support Dedicated Device applications through the entire life cycle.

From the Console you can also perform important activities for working with your apps and devices during the development, test, and scaled deployment phases:

  • Defining device templates with standardized provisioning settings specific to a particular app or set of apps.
  • Managing your set of apps for development, test, and deployment.
  • Including select Play for Work apps using your managed Google Play account.
  • Provisioning devices using the Console to prepare them for development and deployment use, as well as manage them ongoing.
  • Creating groups of devices to ease the process of targeting sets of devices during development, and ultimately managing a diverse fleet of devices across different apps.
  • Setting alerts for specific battery or network conditions on your devices.
  • Managing users, including adding additional users to your endpoint for either development or admin use, through the Company Settings.

Many of the above Console features are available via the Esper APIs, so please be sure to check out our API documentation to get started. And install the Esper SDK for Python, our Esper CLI, and the Esper Tools for Android Studio.

Sign Up for an Esper Trial Account

To try out Esper simply sign up for a developer trial account on the Esper Website. Once the account is setup and you generate your API key, you can test out all the features of our innovative platform – whether building out a kiosk, point of sale solution, or for an entirely new Dedicated Device category. It is the best platform designed for the Android app developer targeting Dedicated Devices. Check out the Developer Hub and the API Documentation.

Contact Us

You can also send us an email at for any questions or concerns.