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Groups, Bluprints and Device Onboarding (opens new window) Organize device fleets with Groups and Subgroups and configure device settings with Esper Blueprints.
Pipelines (opens new window) Define Pipeline stages with selected targets and operations and distribute app updates to various deployment stages.
DevOps for Devices (opens new window) Learn about the difference between the legacy device management solutions and DevOps approach.
Factory Reset (opens new window) Learn how to factory reset a device at an individual and at a group level.
Esper SDK for Python (opens new window) Explore how to create an API key within the Esper Console, configure a Python script to schedule a device reboot and confirm your command success on the Console.
Application Management (opens new window) Managing a set of applications by uploading private apps (APK files) to the Esper Cloud, and installing Google Play Apps after approving them.
How-to Set Up Custom Reports (opens new window) Set up customized reports and take advantage of the reporting feature on Esper.