# Esper Agent Release Notes

Date: 6/23/2022

Version: v7.8.6435

DevRel: 86

Welcome to the Esper Agent release notes. We believe that you will like the updates in this version. Some key highlights are:

  • When a Blueprint is applied to a device, any changes made to the applications section now reflect on the device. All apps will be removed, updated/downgraded, installed, or hidden/shown to match the new Blueprint state.

  • If the policy states "Restrict all incoming calls," we will now also block calls from a private number.

Bugs and Improvements:

  • We will now show user-friendly failure reasons in case of app installation failure through the Console.

And that's it for this release. Watch out for more exciting updates in future releases. If you have any questions or need help, don't hesitate to contact Esper.