# Esper Agent Release Notes

Version: v7.5.0763

DevRel: 65

Welcome to the Esper Agent release notes. We believe that you will like the updates in this version. Some key highlights are:

What’s New-

  1. The user can now set the language for the device under ‘Device Language’ while creating or editing a template, but it will be implemented using the 6 tap QR code method or the Android For Work (AFW) method. Note: The user cannot apply this language setting for the device provisioner or seamless provisioning methods.

  2. We have added 60 minutes (1 hour) and 120 minutes (2 hours) as 2 new drop-down options for screen time-out.

  3. Earlier, the Admins couldn’t push a file to multiple SD cards at the same time. Now, the Admins can use the scheme format (scheme: path) to accomplish this task. Please contact Esper support (opens new window) to know more about this feature.

  4. A New Command Request— UPDATE_OEM_CONFIG is added to trigger/set values to the APIs exposed via OEM SDKs. Please contact Esper support (opens new window) to learn more about this feature.

Bugs and Improvements-

  1. Previously, if the device was in kiosk mode and factory reset failed, it couldn't be recovered. So now, we clear the kiosk mode, move the device to multi-app mode, remove the factory reset protection and enable Android settings to factory reset the device.

And that’s it for this release. Watch out for more exciting updates in future releases. If you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to contact Esper.