# Esper Agent Release Notes

Version: v7.5.2281

DevRel: 71

Welcome to the Esper Agent release notes. We believe that you will like the updates in this version. Some key highlights are:

What’s New-

  1. We now only show the Admin Mode button in the Esper setting when the Admin Mode is set in the provisioning template and hide it when there are no Admin Mode settings or all options are set to both user and admin mode in the provisioning template.

  2. The device can now boot up or power ON when charging using an API. Please contact Esper support (opens new window) to know more about this feature.

  3. Applications with longer names will now be displayed in two lines and the remaining part will be ellipsis (…). Apps will be launched when the user clicks either the icon or the text.

  4. If the ‘Lock Screen Password’ is set to None in the compliance policy and the user has already set a lock screen password using the Android settings then the user will be prompted to swipe up to unlock the screen.

Bugs and Improvements-

  1. Earlier, in the case of dual SIM, provisioning of a device was stuck if either of the SIM card slots were empty. Now during provisioning, if we receive an empty string for IMEI id, it will default to a null value.

  2. We have added a new setting for mobile data on Samsung devices. The users now can On/OFF the mobile data via Esper setting directly.

  3. On the Console, navigate to the Information section under Devices and Groups. We have now fixed the IPv4 and IPv6 address values that got swapped for a few devices.

  4. Previously, when a device was provisioned with non-English language, the device commands failed with the ‘Unsupported Command’ reason. This is fixed now.

  5. Whenever a policy change happens and if the camera state changes from disabled to enabled we are doing a full package sync and update the Camera permission in the console accordingly.

And that’s it for this release. Watch out for more exciting updates in future releases. If you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to contact Esper.