# Esper Agent Release Notes

Version: v7.6.2851

DevRel: 73

Welcome to the Esper Agent release notes. We believe that you will like the updates in this version. Some key highlights are:

What’s New-

  • We have added a loading page as the device boots. You will now see a ‘Preparing your device’ screen.

Bugs and Improvements-

  • We’ve enhanced the responsiveness of the Remote Viewer and Remote Control tools.

  • In some scenarios where the Console was displaying the wrong app version, the Console will now verify the current package version and sync the displayed app version once per day.

  • For Samsung devices running Android 11 and above, the Knox License key will automatically appear on devices.

And that’s it for this release. Watch out for more exciting updates in future releases. If you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to contact Esper.