# Esper Agent Release Notes

Date: 8/22/2022

Version: v7.8.7875

DevRel: 91

Welcome to the Esper Agent release notes. We believe that you will like the updates in this version. Some key highlights are:

# What's new

  • We added the ability to change the language on Samsung devices during provisioning

  • We added the option to make status & navigation bar transparent

# Bugs and Improvements

  • Fixed a "File modified/deleted" bug with download manager

  • Optimized the File download implementation

  • Fixed the issue where Blueprint was getting stuck with new revision ID

  • Minor bug fix to address app installation issues

  • Fixed the data mismatch issue in the template preview

  • Fixed "launch app on start" & "Wi-Fi deletion" issues on Android 7 devices

And that’s it for this release. Watch out for more exciting updates in future releases. If you have any questions or need help, please don’t hesitate to contact Esper. We’d love to hear from you.