# Esper Release Notes - DevRel 91

Date: 8/16/2022

In Esper DevRel 91, we are releasing new APIs — Directory Record Management and Blueprint — for our customers using the Onboarding experience with Esper's new Blueprints. On the Console side, we have added an option to disable SAML SSO login, and added a new parameter to search a device. You can find the complete breakdown of what’s new below.

# Added support to search the device using Wi-Fi MAC ID

If MAC address is your primary identifier, you can now search devices using your Wi-Fi MAC address. In “Customize List View,” a “MAC Address” column is added under the “Device Attributes” section.

# Added a toggle button to enable/disable SAML

On the Esper Console, navigate to User Management > SAML SSO Provisioning to enable/disable SAML. This feature is only available for Esper Architect/Enterprise customers.


Previously SAML SSO provisioning function was enabled by default. We changed the default behavior to disabled. Once you fill in the SAML SSO details, you can enable it based on your use case.

Note: Enabling SAML SSO will disable all the other log-in options — Esper SSO and Google Authentication.

Please contact Esper Support to access this capability.

# Bugs and Improvements

  • Previously if you have configured your SNS topic for Alerts in any other region than us-east-1, it wasn't working. We have fixed this to support all the regions for SNS configurations.

  • We have fixed the bug with factory resetting a device. Earlier, the factory reset command did not remove offline devices from the Console even after the timeout period (7 days). Now, after 7 days, the offline device will be removed from the Console.

# APIs

# New

# Updates

We’re excited to launch DevRel 91 today, and the Esper team is hard at work on DevRel 92, which is currently scheduled to launch in early October 2022. Please contact Esper Support to share your thoughts on how Esper can improve future releases.