# Esper Release Notes - DevRel 95

Date: 10/12/2022

Esper DevRel 95 delivers a broad set of bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • Changes to the Blueprints creation/edit screens making them easier to use. We hope you like them!
  • Fixing the IMEI/Serial Number bulk upload where certain device records were not being displayed by the Esper Console.
  • Properly displaying the state of Hidden Wi-Fi access points were in the Esper Console.
  • Addressing an occasional issue in the Blueprint creation user flow navigation.
  • Fixing USB File Transfer not working properly on some Samsung devices.
  • Adding the ability to configure Auto or Adaptive brightness using JSON Settings or Namespace API.
  • Functional support to provision and manage Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 devices.
  • The ability to get to Android settings during provisioning to assign a static IP address to the device.
  • Listing the full app package name in Esper’s event feed for any app operations.

If you are working with our Blueprints release, the Esper API Support Tool (E.A.S.T.) (opens new window) now supports to either adding an app or updating the app version to multiple Blueprints at once on your Esper tenant (Run > Application > Push new app to Blueprints). This will make managing multiple Blueprints easier.

We’re excited to launch DevRel 95, and the Esper team is hard at work on the next release, which is currently scheduled to launch November 2022. Please contact Esper Support to share your thoughts on how Esper can improve future releases.