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In order to use Esper Dev, the following are the minimum requirements covering the various tools available from Esper Dev.

Web-Based Dev Console Requirements

The Dev Console requires Chrome v57+.

Device Requirements

Targeted Dedicated Devices must run Android version 4.4 KitKat (API Level 19) or above. Alternatively, Esper Development Devices running Esper Enhanced Android can be used; this opens up additional features when using Esper Dev.

Esper Dev Tools Requirements

To use the Esper Dev Tools you need to have Python installed. Depending on the tool in use, you can install the required Python version for your platform from

Tool Python 2.7 Python 3.6+
Esper SDK Yes Yes
Esper CLI Yes

Esper SDK Language Support

  • Python

Esper plans to release SDK support for Kotlin, Java, and JavaScript. If you are using a language other than Python and would like to immediately work with the Esper APIs, please consider calling the APIs directly. You can refer to the Esper API documentation here.

Supported Development Platforms:

  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Windows

If you face any issues setting up your requirements for Esper, please reach out to Esper Dev Support

Next steps

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